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About Us

Student Experiences

Rogers is one of the more diverse elementary schools in MCCSC and reflects the broad diversity found within the Bloomington community. Students at Rogers are represented by 15 countries and speak 20 different languages. We have several full-time ENL staff who work in partnership with classroom teachers and families to support our diverse learners.

Intervention and enrichment opportunities have been built into our daily master schedule to allow for 30 minutes of differentiated learning beyond the regular instruction. Reading Club is also offered to students as additional support to meet individual needs.

Community Partnerships

Being a part of the Bloomington community brings with it many community partnerships. Our students learn about nature by digging for worms, building spider webs, and deciphering bird calls during monthly visits from Bloomington’s Community Outreach Coordinator from the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District.

Our close proximity to Indiana University allows for unique learning opportunities and collaborative relationships with the university. From student teachers and daily student volunteers to university classes that meet in our building, we enjoy countless benefits from our IU partnerships.